Protect Your Car from Rising ‘Smash & Grab’ Crimes

In Dubai, a vehicle is a means of conveyance and a status symbol. Unfortunately, as prosperity grows, so does crime, specifically “smash and grab” incidents on stationary vehicles. In these crimes, vehicle windows are shattered to steal valuables left inside. You need not fear becoming a victim of this type of crime! This article by Car Glass Repair explains securing your vehicle in Dubai from assault and seizure crimes.

Car from Rising ‘Smash & Grab’ Crimes

What Does the Term “Smash and Grab” Mean?

The term “smash and grab” refers to a crime in which thieves collide into stationary vehicles to steal valuables left inside. This may include currency, electronics, jewellery, and even automobile components.

  1. The robbers quickly break the vehicle’s window with a masonry tool or mallet. After gaining entry, they pilfer any valuables within their reach and depart before being apprehended.
  2. This crime is typically motivated by opportunity, indicating that it can occur anywhere and at any time. It typically occurs when individuals negligently leave expensive items on vehicle benches or dashboards.
  3. Smash and grabs can occur anywhere in Dubai, but they are most common in high-traffic areas such as shopping malls, parking lots near tourist attractions, and residential buildings during peak hours.
  4. Due to Dubai’s thriving economy and growing population, this type of crime is sadly becoming more prevalent. Always practise caution to avoid becoming one of its victims!

Suggestions for Preventing Smash-And-Grab Crimes

It is crucial to take precautions to avoid becoming a victim of smash-and-grab offences, which are increasing in Dubai. Here are some prevention suggestions for smash-and-grab crimes:

  1. Do not leave valuables unattended in your vehicle. One way to prevent smash-and-grabs is to remove all valuables from your vehicle. This includes any electronic devices, currency, or purses that may attract thieves.
  2. Park in well-lit areas: It is always recommended to park in well-lit areas with high visibility, making it more difficult for criminals to enter a vehicle without being seen.
  3. Installing security film on your vehicle’s windows can make it more difficult for an intruder to gain entry quickly.
  4. Although locking doors and closing windows may seem like a no-brainer, many individuals neglect or disregard this basic safety measure, making their vehicles easier targets for car criminals.
  5. Maintain vigilance for suspicious individuals in the area: When entering or exiting your vehicle, be aware of any suspicious activity, such as loitering individuals who appear to be doing nothing.
  6. By adhering to these recommendations, you can substantially reduce your risk of becoming a victim of a smash-and-grab crime while living or travelling on the roads of Dubai.

What to Do if You Are a Burglary and Larceny Victim

  1. First and foremost, if you are the victim of a smash-and-grab, you should remain calm and promptly contact the police.
  2. You must report the incident as soon as possible so that an investigation can commence promptly.
  3. If your vehicle has been broken, wait to touch or clean anything until law enforcement arrives. This will help preserve any evidence left behind by the perpetrator.
  4. The next stage is to notify the incident to your insurance provider. They will assist you in filing an insurance claim for any burglary-related damages.
  5. Creating an inventory of all stolen items from your vehicle is also essential. This will be beneficial in the future when submitting an insurance claim.
  6. Consider investing in anti-theft devices, such as steering wheel locking or alarm systems, to prevent a recurrence.
  7. Always maintain vigilance and situational awareness when parking in public areas. Be cautious of leaving valuables in plain view within your vehicle, where potential thieves can easily observe them.

Theft and Burglary Classifications in Dubai

In recent years, assault and theft offences have increased in Dubai. There are various categories of these offences, which vary based on the location and methods of the perpetrators.

  1. This is a common form when criminals break car windows while drivers are stuck in traffic or at a red light. The criminals then seize nearby valuables, such as cell phones, purses, and luggage, before fleeing promptly.
  2. Another type involves entering stationary vehicles containing obvious valuables. This could include journals, cameras, valuables, and even currency. The perpetrators may use tools to break the vehicle’s window or lock before stealing anything within their reach.
  3. In some instances, criminals will specifically target luxury vehicles for their sophisticated security systems, as they typically conceal something more valuable and use any means necessary to gain access to them.
  4. When travelling or retaining a vehicle in Dubai, it is imperative to remain vigilant against smash-and-grab crimes. Never leave anything of value visible from the exterior of your vehicle.
  5. The safest automobiles to buy if you’re worried about theft and assault.
  6. Choosing the appropriate vehicle can make a significant difference in preventing smash-and-grab crimes against your vehicle.

Although there is no foolproof way to prevent these crimes, some vehicles are better equipped to deter criminals than others.

Necessary Measures Against Car Theft

Dubai drivers must prevent smash-and-grabs. Window tinting, parking in well-lit locations, installing an alarm system, and hiding valuables are all methods to keep your automobile secure. A less flashy car may deter thieves. However, preventing Dubai smash-and-grabs will safeguard you and your car.

Safety Car Window and Windshield Glass

One of the most important factors to consider is the type of car windows you have. Compared to standard glass, laminated or tempered glass makes it more difficult to break into automobiles. In addition, vehicles with tinted windows or security coatings may be less desirable to thieves.

Theft Alarm System

An alarm system is an additional feature to defend your vehicle from theft and intrusion. When purchasing a used vehicle without an alarm, investing in this additional security measure is prudent.

Robust Windows

In addition to robust windows and alarms, other factors can make a vehicle less desirable to thieves.

Anti theft GPS System 

For instance, cars equipped with GPS tracking systems may be easier for law enforcement to recover if they are stolen.

While no vehicle can provide 100 percent protection against smash-and-grab crimes in Dubai or elsewhere, taking precautions such as choosing a vehicle with sturdy windows and installing an alarm system can go a long way towards securing your vehicle.


Maintain an awareness of current crime trends in the area where you reside or frequently park to take the necessary precautions. Let’s work together to make the roads safer for all!

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